Hardware & Software Terms

Hardware Purchase and Return Merchandise Policy


  • All hardware purchase orders are final sale and cannot be cancelled once the order is confirmed
  • Defective handsets can be returned within the manufacturer’s warranty period for replacement
  • Used hardware buyback options are available upon inquiry: support@bluecloudusa.com
  • Hardware leasing options are available upon inquiry: support@bluecloudusa.com

To initiate RMA process for returns within manufacturer’s warranty period:

  • Request an RMA # from BlueCloud Support at support@bluecloudusa.com
  • DO NOT ship back the product until you have an RMA # and confirmation from BlueCloud

Shipping Instructions:

  • Products must be within manufacturer’s warranty in order to eligible for a replacement.
  • All original parts and materials (cords, connectors, cables, power supplies, etc.) must be included or a fee will be charged.
  • The product must be packed properly in a shipping box, with the RMA # visible on the outside. 
  • Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Replacement shipping will be free. 
  • Product must be returned within 10 business days of receiving an RMA number.

Hardware Leasing Policy

  • Customer, hereby referred to as Lessee agrees to pay the recurring monthly charge(s) for all leased hardware as outlined in the agreement with BlueCloud Communications, LLC. (Lessor) and for any and all additional leased hardware throughout the term of services with Lessor. Lessee is responsible for any and all damage to leased hardware unless damage is deemed defective and covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. If Lessee cancels Lessor voice services at any given time, provided all monies due and payable by Lessee have been received and no default has occurred, Lessee must return equipment to Lessor within 30 days of cancellation. Lessee must return all leased hardware and accessories to Lessor. Lessee is responsible for any return shipping costs associated with returning the leased hardware to Lessor. 
  • From the date of this commitment, there shall not have occurred, in the Lessee’s sole discretion, any material adverse changes in the Lessee’s financial condition. Lessor retains the right to delay or to cancel lease if such adverse changes have impacted or may impact Lessee’s payment capability.

Software Purchase Policy

  • All Software purchases are Final Sale. This includes, but is not limited to soft phone license key purchases.