Faxing Select from a variety of faxing solutions

BlueCloud offers a variety of faxing options for businesses. Select from one of our robust Internet Faxing Solutions or continue using your physical fax machine while utilizing digital VoIP phone lines.

Cloud Faxing

Virtual Faxing

BlueCloud's Virtual Faxing portal allows you to send and receive faxes online. Receive copies of inbound and outbound faxes to any designated email address.
Fax to Email

Fax to Email

Fax to email allows you to receive inbound faxes to your designated number via email. You can designate the email address(s) of your choice to receive faxes.

Fax ATA Device

A fax ATA device attaches to your physical fax machine and allows you to receive physical faxes while utilizing your digital phone number, no longer requiring an analog line.