BlueCloud delivers an unparalleled set of producivity - enhancing services


BlueCloud is more than just a provider of a dial tone; we are a vital partner in operating your business. We offer a variety of features and voice solutions that are customized to your company’s needs, affording your company all the benefits of a large and expensive PBX system at a fraction of the cost. BlueCloud provides a scalable, fully-managed Hosted PBX VoIP phone system allowing companies to focus on their core business.


Working remotely? On the go? Need a vacation? Traveling?
BlueCloud provides soft phones for your desktop, laptop or cell phone. Our soft phone app is designed to enhance the way you work, enabling you to manage your communications easily and efficiently – all from your computer or cell phone.
Never miss a call with BlueCloud.


With Business Texting from BlueCloud you can start receiving text messages on any of your business landlines. Communicate with customers while on the go via text. Access to our mobile app, desktop dashboard, texting alert blasts, text notifications, scheduled texts, appointment reminders, keywords, group texting, text templates, reporting, unlimited devices, unlimited texts and so much more.


BlueCloud offers the most efficient and convenient virtual and physical fax solutions. With BlueCloud’s Virtual Fax Solution, your business can send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world using our online portal. Virtual Fax allows businesses to reduce their operational expenses on paper and toner.


BlueCloud offers quality business phones featuring HD voice and productivity enhancing features. Our phones are Plug & Play ready so there is no need for onsite provisioning and setup and free technical support is included.

Unparalleled voice clarity of HD Voice
Enhance executive productivity
Best-in-class personal communications
Reduce deployment and maintenance costs
Simple to deploy and easy to administer, upgrade and maintain


BlueCloud Delivers an unparalleled set of producivity - enhancing features.

Find Me /Follow Me

Ring an extension to ring multiple extensions or outside telephone numbers anywhere in the world

Call Spying

Listen in on employees call or even coach a salesperson through a call where only they can hear you. The caller will never hear a thing.

Simultaneous Ring

Ring your mobile/ home phone when some calls your office.

Call Queue

Callers hear music on hold until someone is free to take their call

Remote Office

Your office is now wherever you are,
wherever you go.

Interoffice Paging

Quick and convenient extension based interoffice paging.

Auto - Extension Listings

Callers select any department or extension from the company Voice Menu.

Call Recording

Calls can be recorded in real time and listened to on pc.

Push To Talk

Immediate inter-office communication, including remote offices.


Communicate with customers while on the go via text.
Mobile app & Desktop Dashboard
Texting alert blasts, text notifications, scheduled texts, appointment reminders, keywords, group texting, text templates, reporting
Unlimited texts, unlimited devices and so much more!






Benefits of Going Cloud

BlueCloud handles all your communication needs, making it simple for you to connect and scale your business by focusing on revenue generating projects. Eliminate on-premise systems and equipment, while maintaining the quality and service of an enterprise phone system. Lower your monthly communication bill with BlueCloud Voice. BlueCloud provides world class customer support 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Why BlueCloud?

Best in breed of hosted technology and services in the market
Wide range of affordable connectivity services
Attentive to each customers individual needs
Comprehensive partner program
Committed to customers satisfaction
State-of-the-art technology platform

Seamless Transition

Increased functionality and quality with fast and seamless installation
No phone system equipment to install or maintain
Simplified Billing- takes mystery out of your monthly phone bill
Keep your old phone numbers
Ability to add local, toll free or international numbers of your choice

NeverDown Disaster Protection

Mobile phone backup routing plan
Instant routing of all incoming calls to alternate numbers or sites
Unique re-routing capability for each incoming extension
Manage system from any location
Last-mile and carrier diversity
Automation in failover and/or load-balancing mechanisms