Partners BlueCloud offers unmatched support for Partner Programs.

Partners- why being a BlueCloud Partner is the right choice:

  • Becoming a BlueCloud Partner is free and easy
  • Partners receive the highest commissions that are paid up front as well as long-term residual commissions
  • Residual commissions provide long term benefits and stability
  • No customer minimums and no contracts
  • User-friendly partner web interface
  • Competitive customer pricing and lowest price guarantee
  • Best-in-class Service & Support with the BlueCloud 24/7/365 Support Team
  • A state of the art platform that can generate revenue on setup, installation, system management and IP hardware sales
  • Top of the line partner selling and marketing tools
  • Fast setup along with instant and online provisioning that support cutting edge IP phones
  • Comprehensive Partner training webinars and phone conferences

BlueCloud is the best choice for your customer:

  • We offer a no hassle and low cost alternative to the traditional on-site PBX system.
  • We deliver an array of advanced PBX functionality that supports multiple locations and virtual employees.
  • Our system, as well as our cutting edge phone service, can be setup instantly and while you are on the go.
  • We offer top notch setup and installation support with a low monthly service cost.


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