Businesses Trust Bluecloud

Why BlueCloud

Businesses Trust BlueCloud. BlueCloud handles all your communication needs, making it simple for you to connect and scale your business by focusing on revenue generating projects. Eliminate on-premise systems and equipment, while maintaining the quality and service of an enterprise phone system. Lower your monthly communication bill with BlueCloud Voice and Internet. Never worry about dealing with your phone system or internet. BlueCloud provides world class customer support 24 hours a day 365 days a year.



BlueCloud’s Hosted PBX phone system is scalable so your business can expand or contract at any time.


Now it's possible for small to medium sized businesses to enjoy specific features that were otherwise cost prohibitive.

BlueCloud Portal

All setup and configuration is done via user-friendly web pages. Access your account with the BlueCloud Portal.

Remote Offices

All your business locations, extensions, and even mobile users will be part of the same phone system.

Save Money

Minimal setup cost. Did you know that the average BlueCloud client saves 35% over traditional phone line service?


Free ongoing upgrades and maintenance.

High Speed

High speed internet services including Ethernet over Copper, T1, Cable, Fiber, Microwave and Wireless.

Internet access solution

BlueCloud will recommend and provide the Internet access solution that best fits your business needs and budget based on availability in the area.

Customer Support

BlueCloud’s system is monitored 24/7/365 by highly trained network & voice experts.